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The following is a series of questions and answers designed to help you understand how Arlia Tattoo handles it's Tattoo Booking Process.

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"When Will I hear back from you, I sent in my email 'x' amount of days ago."

To answer this, first let us introduce you to our General Manager and Bookings Coordinator, Carla Otayza. She is the backbone of our booking system and handles all of our artists schedules. That means every single inquiry, for every single one of our artists, goes through her. Starting mid 2021, we will be staggering our book openings by month (and booking  to allow her to focus on one artist at a time to.

Once we open the books, we will leave them open for a few days up to a week or so and allow everyone the chance to send in an inquiry. We understand that people have work and lives and that not everyone can make a first come first serve type deadline. So to be clear, we do NOT book on a first come first serve basis. We want everyone to have a fair chance. 

The inquires are then divided into folders of small, medium, and full day projects. Which allows us the ability to fill the time slots with the correct times to complete the projects. And as the slots become fewer and fewer, less and less projects are able to fit in.

Every email will recieve a response at some point.


We tend to book new appointments during the booking period a week or two at a time. Which means rather than send out a ton of deposit and confirmations and getting everything confused. We take it slow, steady, and are diligent to make sure it is done correctly the first time. We don’t send any ‘sorry we are now booked’ emails until absolutely every slot is filled. We want to be sure we do our best to get everyone in the best we can. This process can take a few weeks to complete, but we work on emails almost every day. We are going as fast and as efficiently as we can and we appreciate your patience.

TL:DR The booking process can take up to a few weeks to complete as we try to get everyone in the best we can. You will receive a response at some point whether your inquiry was chosen or not.


The easiest way to explain how we approach things is through this Halloween Candy example. 

Imagine you head out on Halloween night for a Trick or Treat adventure. You come home and have an entire giant bag of candy and you think to yourself, oh man, I can totally eat all of these! Then your hopes are shattered when your parent says, you can only have 40 pieces of the candy.

Now are you going to just reach into the bag and eat the first 40 pieces you grab? Probably not. You're going to dump the bag onto the bed and grab all of your favorites!

But if you have a particularly rough Halloween night, and you come home with 23 pieces of candy and you still can only have 40 pieces, then I bet you'd eat all 23 pieces. Even if they were peppermints!

This is how we approach my booking process. We only have a certain amount of appointment times through each of the scheduling windows. So, it's never that we do not want to do your tattoo, it's simply that we fill the books quickly with the pieces we are most drawn to at that time.

Now, that being said, we understand that not everyone wants an entire arm or leg sleeve tattoo. That is why we will be implementing what we are calling, Tiny Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, we will set aside the day to try and get to the smaller simple projects. Stay tuned for more details on when that will be announced!

TL:DR Unfortunately, we cannot get to every idea that is submitted into the schedule, even all the awesome ones. Its not that we do not want to, but we just simply do not have the time in the schedule.

"WHY wasn't my inquiry chosen this time? I’VE Sent in my request 'X' AMOUNT OF TIMES..."

Something we consider most important when selecting tattoos, and we see a ton of this, is that people try to put too many things into one idea. They have a ton of favorite characters and colors and ideas and they want to see them all into their one tattoo idea. And while listing that out is easy enough, getting it all to flow into a single design is pretty tricky. Tattoo designs are almost always just 1 or 2 subject matters. A single character or item, maybe two. You want your design to be easily read and flow well with everything rather than cluttered and full of too many action lines and poor composition to not fit your body. Another thing to consider is color theory. If you use all of the colors because there are so many subjects in a design, then it’s tougher to get a complimentary color scheme in your tattoo that makes your tattoo have that extra ‘pop’.

Here is an easy example of what time talking about.

Inquiry A wants a tattoo on the inner left forearm. This person wants Lilo and Stitch holding a Scrump doll while sitting on a surf board with three ducklings and one of the ducks is holding a peanut butter sandwich for pudge the fish who is swimming under the surfboard next to squirt the turtle from finding nemo and Ariel from the little mermaid.


Inquiry B wants a tattoo on the inner right forearm wants Stitch holding holding a Scrump doll with a big smile on his face cause he is happy.

See the difference? While Inquiry A would be an adorable idea and would make an excellent print or shirt or something, it has far too many focus points and subject matters to flow well into a tattoo design. Inquiry B is concise and easily recognizable, and in our opinion, would make for a way more successful tattoo. So that’s the inquiry that would get a response first. In this case, for Inquiry A, we would suggest getting a few tattoos to capture all of your ideas. One with Lilo holding the sandwich, then another of Stitch holding Scrump, and Ariel swimming with Squirt the turtle, etc.

I promise you, keeping your idea simple will make for a brighter, more colorful tattoo, and has a better chance of you being happy with it for life.

TL:DR Sometimes an inquiry can be too complicated. If you are wanting to better the odds of grabbing your artist's attention, simplify your idea, make sure its something you see the artist enjoys doing, and allow the artist to create something that works well as a tattoo for you.

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