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Hello there! My name is Marc!


I'm an artist with a love for all things art. I specialize in Neo Traditional/New Traditional, Anime, and Video Game pop culture themes. As a fellow nerd, I am always down to take on nerdy projects!


Born and raised in Tampa, FL, as a kid I was always fascinated at how people could create beautiful art on several different medias. This kick-started my initial interest in pursuing a career in art. I started my Journey in 2017 when I was originally an art student at The Art Institute of Tampa for video game art design. After discovering that video game design was not my true passion, I found a passion for tattooing.


In my free time I enjoy getting together with friends, going to art museums and art/tattoo conventions, playing Pokémon, and watching anime. I always love making new connections with people, I can't wait to make a new connection with you!

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