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The Tattoo Process


First thing you'll want to do is to organize your ideas and body placement! Here is some advice to help you plan out your tattoo.

  • You should not try to fit all of your ideas into one tattoo. Too many things in one tattoo will make the tattoo appear cluttered and not allow your eyes to focus on anything.
  • The smaller you go with your design, the less details that you can fit into it.

  • The body part you want to get tattooed will directly affect how the artwork is drawn up, so be aware that it can sometimes be difficult to change designs easily.

  • Remember that you are choosing your artist because you like their work. So be sure to let them have the freedom to create.

  • Try not to fixate on one particular picture from the internet. All artists have different styles so let them create something amazing for you in their own style!

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