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The Tattoo Process

Submit an Inquiry

Once you have your tattoo planed out, Its time to submit the idea to your desired artist! Here is how we handle booking our artists!

  • Each artist books their appointments differently. Not every inquiry can be fit into the schedule, but we try our best to fit as many as possible!
  • Some tattoo artists will close their bookings periodically. This helps our artists keep a balance between bookings and other projects they may be working on. It also keeps their schedule from being booked too far out in advance.

  • If your favorite artist has their books closed, following Arlia's and their social media accounts is the best way to find out exactly when they will open their books again. 

  • To submit an inquiry with the artist of your choice, use the form via that specific artist's page on this website. This allows us to keep the inquires organized!

  • Every single inquiry is reviewed by our booking manager. We respond to every single one of them at some point as we try to fit in as many appointments into the schedule as possible. For a more in depth look on how we handle tattoo inquires, check out our FAQ!

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