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The Tattoo Process

The DAY After

It's The day after your tattoo, Now what?

For a more in depth look on how a tattoo heals, click the button below!

Maybe you have the day off. Maybe you are traveling back home. Maybe you have to go to work. We are always here to help with any questions you may have about the healing process of your tattoo and we encourage you to ask us any and all questions you might have. But before you reach out, here is some advice for your new tattoo!
  • Keeping it clean is always the most important part of getting tattooed. Using an antibacterial soap a few times a day to keep it free of bacteria and other things is definitely the number one priority.
  • Using a moisturizer is helpful, but not a necessity. Its really only meant to bring your skin back to its normal self, so use only as needed.
  • Your body has sealed the wound off, but its still pretty vulnerable. So avoid anything touching it or messing with it as best you can. 
But above all else, listen to your artist. Each artist has their own advice on how to heal the tattoos they do.  If you're ever in doubt, don't ever hesitate to ask.
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